We see it on the news every day – something major happens in the world, and the pundits representing both sides rush for the nearest TV camera to get their interpretation of the event (one no doubt favorable to their side and unfavorable to the other’s) out to the public first. On an even more basic level, we see companies positioning themselves or a product or service that they’re offering. At the root of both of these frequent acts is framing – the act of providing your audience with meaning to a situation. The side that can do this most effectively is the one that will usually sell more of its good/service or get more votes or better galvanize his or her followers.

The best communicators do more than produce a quality message. They provide a quality frame that allows the message to make sense to the audience they’re trying to reach. If you establish and (very importantly!) maintain a frame with your audience, it tends to see all other news on the subject within that context (this is where the term “frame of reference” comes from), and your competition will be fighting an uphill battle to get itself seen in a favorable light.

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