Let’s try that one again, shall we?

Hello, and welcome to my new home in the blogosphere. I hope to make this attempt at blogging better organized and focused than my previous attempt. I may still attempt to update that one from time to time. But this blog will definitely be more professionally oriented, and will discuss issues and news in the area I am most interested in – communication.

First, some background. I started my career as a newspaper reporter. But the state of that business – along with my desire to work something resembling normal hours – led me to try to get out of that field. Of course, no sooner then I made this decision then the economy go to hell. So while still working in the newspaper business, I enrolled in the MS in Communication Management program run by Temple University’s Department of Strategic and Organizational Communication. Almost two years later, I am three classes and a Master’s Project away from earning my graduate degree.

During those two years, I also have landed a pair of roles in healthcare communications – the first with a small hospital in Darby, PA, the second (and current) one with a startup pharmaceutical development company in Horsham, PA. These positions grew my interest in developing messages and marketing communication tactics to help people live healthier lives. At the same time, I also became interested in political communication, and how both major parties (and the occasional quixotic third-party candidate) try to frame issues and debates in their favor.

In both of these seemingly very disparate areas, four rules of communication hold true:

  • Know who your target audience is and what will best get its attention
  • Make sure you get your message out there first and not let your opponents define you to their advantage (and your disadvantage)
  • Make your message as clear and concise as possible (in political lingo, make it fit on a bumper sticker)
  • Keep articulating it consistently

I have also recently launched a website, and you can follow me on Twitter and LinkedIn.


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