The Top 10 Corporate Blogs, and why they’re important

Happy New Year! The calendar has flipped to 2011. And a new year means new developments in technologies. Corporate blogs are a relatively new phenomenon. But as time goes on and more people join the groundswell, they become an increasingly important tool for companies to reach and build relationships with their customers.

Social Media Today’s Mark Schaefer came out with his list of the Top 10 Corporate Blogs in the world this week. Here is what he came up with, in no particular order:






General Electric


Southwest Airlines


Whole Foods Market

Notice how diverse this collection of companies is. And a lot of them are not from industries that we necessarily call “hip.” It includes a major international hotel chain, a construction machinery manufacturer and one of the oldest major corporations in America. And the people posting content are not just the company PR representatives or regurgitating press releases and marketing talking points. Marriott’s blog is written by its CEO. General Electric’s blog builds brand awareness through telling stories about its products, fitting with the company’s old slogan. And Wegman’s – one grocery store chain in a country filled with them – uses a fun style and pointers on where to find ingredients for good meals to stand out from the crowd.

Not all businesses can do a corporate blog the same way. And you obviously need to have a plan of what you want to accomplish and how to get there. Don’t just start a blog for the sake of doing so.

But businesses whose customers participate in the groundswell need to have corporate blogs. In addition to increasing your company’s online presence (the more times your name is mentioned online, the more prominent you are in search engine results), it makes you more transparent. This builds trust with your customers, and in a time when people are more skeptical of corporations than ever, that is no minor accomplishment.


One Response to The Top 10 Corporate Blogs, and why they’re important

  1. Krista says:

    Hi Josh – happy new year! I also appreciated seeing these examples of corporate blogs this week. To your point, they may not be what other corporations should mimic literally, but rather mimic in the sense of finding your company’s own unique voice or point of view to share with your customers/stakeholders.

    Blogs offer corporations the opportunity to have a real dialogue with their publics, if they choose to do so. While there are other popular social media platforms out there, I think the corporate blog should always be the anchor to any social media strategy since it offers opportunities for both content and discussion.

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